Embossed Altered Art Panel

Posted by BeckyJ, 03 Feb, 2015

Becky demonstrates how to make a beautiful embossed altered art panel using paint and ink techniques. Click on the below link to watch her In The Studio. Steps 1. Cut a piece of thick card to the required size for your project and emboss using the Blossom Stripes embossing folder. Paint with a couple of layers of Raspberry artiste paint, allowing to dry thoroughly between each application. 2. Mix Sea Spray and Lagoon paints to give a bright turquoise colour. Rub a candle across the top of the embossed design to make it easier to sand back the paint revealing the raspberry shade below. Paint a layer of the turquoise paint across the top and allow to dry. Repeat until the red shade is covered, applying candle wax between each layer of paint. 3. Using the finest grade of sandpaper sand across the raised areas to reveal red stripes and flowers. 4. Blend black ink around the edges of the panel and across the embossing to define the floral detail. Blend red dye ink to add colour to the flowers. Spritz and flick with white and gold Artiste Spritzing Inks and allow to dry. 5. Working across the panel and using items such as palette knives, old gift cards, straws, dowelling rods, skewers stick and other general items apply and build up blanc and night blue paints to add detail and interest to the background. Watch the video for ideas on how to do this. 6. Using stamp pad foam and the red and black dye ink continue to add further depth and colour tone to the flowers. When happy try spritzing a little gold ink into a palette and add a little pearlesence to the petals by blending with stamp pad foam. 7. Using the tip of a narrow skewer stick pick up a touch of raspberry and golden sun artiste paint and, using the embossing folder as a guide for placement, add centres to the flowers. The contrast of colours will really pop. Allow to dry before the next step to avoid smudging. 8. Mix fine gold glitter and iridescent glitter glue together and use to add a hint of sparkle to the flowers. Once dry frame or add to the front of a card blank.

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