Easy Easel second attempt

Posted by dafdilly10, 02 Aug, 2019

so this one is with a Creative Expressions die. and a TL tulip which I have cut a tulip and two mice off, as it was too much. if you look further down, I've included how I made my version of it.

start with your single piece of base card,decide on your die, I dont know if you can see my pencil lines on the inner oblong, but you need three lines to cut, leaving the top one in tact

after you've cut your 3 lines, one at each side, one across the bottom, you need to valley fold the top bit, half whats left and hill fold that, (just like you would on a standard easel card. stick the die cut to the base.

on bottom half of the fold use strong tape, this will hold another oblong.

this die very conveniently had a middle die, so that was easy , and I just stuck it on the back of another piece of base card. it should now look like this, when flat, the fun bit, decorate as you like/

as you can see from my first pic. I have stamped a sentiment on the base card and sticky fixed a bee so this stands up the easel bit.

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