Easter masks

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 11 Apr, 2017

Keep the kiddies entertained this Easter holiday! Craft a cute bunny, chick, lamb or flower to provide hours of fun either in the sunshine or indoors. All you need are some Craft Planet Felt Sheets and feathers to get you started.

1. Transfer the rabbit template onto white felt. Cut out two pieces. When cutting the eye holes, fold the felt at the eye and make a small scissor cut in the centre, allowing to you cut around neatly. Alternatively, you could use a craft knife and a self-healing cutting mat. Repeat with cardstock, cutting this piece approximately 5mm smaller all the way around. Attach double-sided tape to both sides.

2. Stick the two pieces of felt to the cardstock inside; this will add more stability to your mask when it's sewn up. Start to stitch around the rabbit shape using a small running stitch and white thread – you could do this by hand or machine. Snip a piece of thin elastic to fit around the child’s head and sandwich the ends either side. Die cut the flower and heart nose from coloured felt and attach with a hot glue gun. 

3. Cut the relevant pieces for the chick mask from yellow felt, using the templates provided. Attach one of the felt pieces to the cardstock inner and stick three yellow feathers to the other side. Once happy with the placement, fix the other felt piece on top. Use a running stitch again to secure, trapping the elastic in place. Cut the beak from orange felt and glue into position, allowing the bottom to hang free.

4. Trim the lamb pieces, again from cardstock and white felt. Stitch as before, and fix the elastic. Cut the lamb’s hair in a similar fashion to the mask; twice from felt and once from cardstock. Glue the pink ear pieces in place and attach the hair on top. Stick on the tiny heart nose to finish. For an even more three-dimensional finish, why not glue white pompoms to the mask to add a little volume to the lamb’s hair?

5. To make the flower mask, trim a circular piece of funky foam and cut out the middle, creating a 1.5" circular frame. Use the same method to cut a cardstock frame to fit on the reverse. Punch a hole either side of the cardstock frame, cut a length of elastic and thread through the holes. Knot to secure. Stick the cardstock frame firmly to the foam frame.

6. Use the flower template on page 93 to cut enough petals to fit around the foam frame. Adhere them all in place with tacky glue and cut enough for another layer. Stick these down in the same way, making sure that the first layer is fully dry beforehand. Why not make these in the form of various flowers or colours?

Project and how-to instructions by Jackie Jasper. Project originally published in the March issue (80) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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