Doughnut gift box

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 05 Jun, 2017

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these kitsch containers, and package up presents perfectly.

1. Paint the outside of the largest circle nesting box with three coats of Blanc Artiste Acrylic Paint.

2. Trim two 6" diameter circles from Kraftstax cardstock using the Xcut circle cutter, then use the 2" circle nesting die to create a hole in the centre of each.

3. Trim another circle from brown cardstock, this time slightly smaller with a 5½" diameter. Use the same small nesting die as before to cut an identical circular aperture in the centre. Draw a wavy line just inside the edge of the circle with a light pencil, and fussy cut. Stick this to one of the Kraftstax circles, lining up the central apertures.

4. Create sprinkles using a ribbon hole palm punch and three colours of cardstock. Stick two thirds into place. Trim complementary strips of Craft Planet Funky Foam for the remaining third, and secure to the palm-punched pieces.

5. Cut a 2¼" circle in the lid and apply strips of masking tape around the aperture for a smooth edge. Secure the doughnut to the top of the lid with foam tape, and add acetate to the inside of the box to cover the aperture. Finally, take the second kraft circle and secure to the inside of the lid.

Project and how-to by Aisha Green. Project originally published in the May issue (82) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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