Doll's House and Furniture Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 17 Dec, 2015

We’ve got a confession to make: this crafty project is as fun to create as it is to play with. What starts out as a simple shadow box evolves into a truly bespoke toy, encouraging your child to use their imagination and helping to develop their social skills. Build a tiny replica of your home, favourite places to visit or even a whole hamlet… the possibilities really are endless! PRoject and tutorial by Bev Eden. Originally published in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 64.

How to Build the House

1. Completely cover the inside and outside of a Papermania Bare Basics Landscape Shadow Box with Papier Patch butterfl ies deco sheets, paying close attention to the edges and corners.

2. Cover the inside of a rectangular inner box with Simply Floral green striped paper and cover the inside of a square inner box with Bellissima blue spotted paper. These two boxes will become the downstairs rooms of the doll’s house.

3. Paint the inside sides of the box lid with Artiste Blanc Acrylic Paint and cover the inside of the lid front with strips of Bellissima paper.

4. Now it’s time to craft the sixties-style brickwork! Cut strips of white funky foam, each approximately 4cm wide. Score with an embossing tool to create the faux brick cladding effect. Use a black dye ink pad to colour the funky foam, dabbing with a paper towel to add shading.

Above: Step 5

5. Remove the shadow box lid and cut down the lip edge at opposite ends of one of the longest sides and open out. Cover all outer sides of the lid with double-sided tape and attach the faux brick cladding, bending over the front and sides.

Above: Step 6

6. To create the doll’s house roof, cut a piece of cardboard to measure 3O x 1Ocm. Mark a halfway point at 15cm along the top long edge. Mark two points 2cm up the short sides, opposite the long marked edge. Connect these three points to create a triangle and cut out to make the roof section as shown.

7. Cut several 3cm wide strips from a sheet of pink Craft Planet Funky Foam. Lightly draw scallops along one long edge of each strip then cut the scallops with either scissors or a sharp craft knife. Draw a line of faux stitching with an Artiste Vintage Dual Tip Brush Marker pen around each scallop. Attach the foam strips to the roof section in layers with double-sided tape to give the appearance of tiles. Place the completed roof section on the longer side of the lid front and glue into position.

8. Glue one of the longest sides of two of the smaller inner boxes to each end of the bottom of the main box, leaving the open sides facing the back. Cover all the visible sides with faux brick cladding in the same way as for the main body of the doll’s house.

How to Make the Furniture

Above: Lamp

1. Lamp - Die cut two small scalloped circles from Bellissima paper and glue together, back to back. Die cut a 2.5cm circle in the centre then remove 1/3 of the circle. Gently fold into a cone and glue the ends together. Punch two small circles from the same paper and glue back to back. Roll a length of dark blue spot paper then insert one end into a medium Bare Basics bobbin and glue the other end to the middle of the punched circles. Cover the bobbin with co-ordinating paper and attach the cone ‘shade’ to the punched circles.

Above: Chair

2. Chair - Cut a strip of kraft cardstock to 15 x 3cm and score and fold at 6cm and 9cm. Cover both sides with blue floral paper. Roll each end around a wooden skewer to create the arms of the chair. Cut a 3 x 9cm strip of kraft cardstock; score and fold at 3cm. Cover both sides with paper as before and curl the long end only to create the back of the chair. Glue both pieces together to make the body of the chair and ink all the edges to hide the kraft card. Attach four small wooden bobbins to the base to form the legs and add rolled up blue funky foam as a cushion.

Above: Picture Frame

3. Picture Frame - Roughly cut an ornate frame containing a butterfly on a pink spotted background from a 6 x 6" Bellissima paper pack. Glue to plain white cardstock and then carefully cut around the frame’s outline. Ink the edges of the frame with blue pigment ink, set with a heat tool and attach to the wall of the blue spotted room with 3D foam squares.

Above: Table and Chairs

4. Table and Chairs - Cover kraft cardstock with Simply Floral yellow floral paper and die cut the second smallest size nesting parenthesis die. Score and fold between the long pointed sides leaving a panel of 2cm in the middle. Trim 2cm from each end of the shape, maintaining the curved corners, and attach two large bobbins to the underside as legs. Cover the underside of the table ‘flaps’ in the same paper. Cover two medium-sized bobbins and punch four large scalloped circles with matching paper. For each stool, glue two of the punched circles back to back and glue on top of one of the bobbins as a seat.

Above: Wall Art

5. Wall Art - Roughly cut out a selection of framed pictures from the Bellissima paper pack, choosing images to co-ordinate with the green striped ‘wallpaper’ in the rectangular room. Cut out and attach as for the picture frame.

Above: Bed

6. Bed - Trim one of the smallest rectangular inner boxes to a depth of 2cm. Cut a piece of cardstock to 4.5 x 5.5cm and cut a curve in one short end. Cover both sides in pink glitter paper and punch a half circle in the straight end. Repeat with a 4.5 x 4cm piece of cardstock and attach both pieces to the short ends of the box to make the headboard and footboard of the bed. Colour a 9 x 5.5cm piece of Xcut Xtra Adhesive Fabric Sheet with pink pigment ink and stamp with a small heart. Attach a piece of funky foam on the bed and cover with the stamped fabric. Roll a small piece of funky foam to create a pillow, cover with crochet trim and attach to the bed with double-sided tape.

Above: Floor, Wardrobe and Dressing Table

7. Floor - To make the wooden fl oor in the bedroom, ink the tops and edges of four natural lollipop sticks with chocolate pigment ink. Glue the four sticks on top of the square inner box, overhanging the inner edge slightly.

8. Wardrobe - Cover both sides of kraft cardstock with pink spotted paper and then die cut two small parentheses from the covered cardstock. Trim another inner box to size, cover with matching paper and glue one parenthesis die-cut to each side. Cut two 2 x 6cm panels of kraft cardstock, mat with pink striped paper and attach to the front of the wardrobe. Cut two little funky foam circles and add as handles.

9. Dressing Table - Cover kraft cardstock with pink spotted paper and die cut two small parentheses as before. Score and fold one of the die-cut shapes at 4.5cm and cut off at 6cm. Trim another inner box to size and cover with matching paper. Attach the cut-down parenthesis to the front and top. Attach the second parenthesis to the back as the dressing table back. Mat two 4.5 x 1.5cm kraft cardstock panels with striped papers, add funky foam handles and glue to the front as drawers. Glue silver mirror board to the inside of an adhesive resin frame and attach to the back as a mirror.

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