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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 07 Dec, 2016

If you're after a finishing touch for the perfect present, we have just the project to make your gift wrap dreams come true. Forget battling with ribbon and tape, and instead create this simple, brown paper design with the help of Papermania stencils and Forever Friends co-ordinating tag and wand. This project is sure to make anyone feel like a princess on their special occasion!

Wrapping paper

Lay a large sheet of brown paper on a flat surface. Remove the Geometric Kraft circle stencil from the backing and place at an angle. Rub carefully to flatten and adhere to the paper. Mix Artiste Blush Pink and Blanc Acrylic Paint together and apply to some of the gaps in the stencil with a sponge or a blunt paintbrush. Leave to dry then apply another coat. Once completely dry, carefully remove the stencil. Move it across the paper and repeat the process until all the paper is covered.

Gift tag

Cover a plain white tag in patterned paper and cut a pennant in the end. Paint glue onto a small piece of white cardstock, sprinkle with glitter and leave to dry. Once dry to touch, punch a large circle and glue to the top of the tag. Make a hole in the middle and thread through Forever Friends metallic twine. Attach sentiment stickers to marbled paper and cut out in a fishtail banner shape. Glue across the tag with pieces of contrasting paper. Wrap a long strip of metallic twine around the length of the present five times. Wrap another length around the width four times, weaving in and out of the existing twine as you do so. Thread the tag onto the twine and tie at the back to secure.

Fairy wand

Hold onto the loop of a polystyrene star and apply Anita’s Tacky Glue to one of the points with a paintbrush. Sprinkle over pink glitter and repeat with the other points. Leave the star to dry then repeat on the other side. Die cut two stars in contrasting papers, layer up with 3D foam squares and add a gem in the centre. Glue to the middle of the star. Paint a wooden skewer with two layers of metallic silver paint. Once dry, remove the loop from the star and push the pointed end of the skewer into the hole.

Project and how-to instructions by Sarah Jackman Read. Project originally published in the August issue (73) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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