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AishaLGreen Posted by AishaLGreen, 13 Sep, 2017

We couldn’t resist upcycling this classic, vintage ornament! Not only do they look great, they’re also bang on-trend in interiors right now. If you’re feeling extra-crafty, you could make your very own paper maché version! We’ve opted to give an old one a new lease of life (though globes can also be picked up both on the high street and online) with an inspirational adventure quote and some Plastikote spray paint.

1. Remove the spherical globe from its stand. In a well-ventilated space (outside is best), use Plastikote Twist and Spray Colour Primers to cover both the globe and the stand completely. This will provide a good base for the top coat of paint to attach to. Following the instructions on the back of the can, leave the components to dry, and then re-spray to cover any patchy areas. Leave to dry once more.

2. Decorate the stand with your choice of spray paint, we opted for the Copper Aerosol Can that has a metallic finish. There are a variety of colours to choose from in the Plastikote range, available in lots of different finishes… take your pick! Make sure the can has been wellshaken, to ensure all the paint inside has been mixed. To help prevent the nozzle inside the can from clogging, hold the can upside down, and push the nozzle down for approximately three seconds. Place the stand to one side to dry. 

3. Coat the entire globe in Plastikote Matt Black Twist and Spray Colour; several thin coats are better than one, so don’t worry about any patchy areas on your first layer. Leave each coat to fully dry before applying the next, and continue until you have a solid matt finish.

4. To further decorate the globe, we’ve come up with our own adventure-themed quote using a variety of different hand-drawn fonts. Copy ours or come up with your own template! (There are loads of great fonts to be found on the internet). Draw onto thin paper and cut out using a craft knife.

5. Cut each line of the template into strips and secure to the front of the globe with a low-tack tape. Make sure to include the centre of the letters too. Use the same colour paint as you used on the stand, and paint through the gaps with a thin paintbrush. Trim the bottom from an old bottle and spray some of the paint into it so you have a little pool to work with. This will need to be topped up as you go and gently mixed with your paintbrush every now and again. Once happy with your message, leave to dry. Carefully remove the stencil, and apply a second coat of paint, touching up any areas as you go. Leave to dry once more.

6. To keep your globe in tip-top condition, why not give it a fine coat of Plastikote Matt Sealer? Once completely dry, reconstruct the globe and pop in pride of place in your home!

Project and how-to instructions by Aisha Green. Project originally published in issue (82) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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