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Posted by seadob, 12 Jul, 2017

There are so many ways that you could customise a Deco Design house. Our whimsical abode is packed with quirky decorative features, including a tiled top storey and a character-packed wonky chimney stack, while paper wildlife can safely play among the toadstools and shrubs in the fairytale garden. Display on a shelf or pop in a cloche for ultimate home d├ęcor style.

1. Cut a house from white cardstock, fold into shape and glue together. Use the heart from the family tree die set to cut approximately 60 hearts from blue cardstock and 12 from off-white. Glue a strip of blue cardstock to the front of the house, 6.5cm up from the bottom. Stick three off-white hearts to the strip, gluing only the tops. Layer the blue hearts upside down to form a pretty tile pattern.

2. Continue tiling the house, matching the pattern around the sides and back. Trim any excess. When the glue has set, curl out the unstuck ends to add dimension and texture. Trim a 13.5 x 8.5cm panel and eight 2cm wide strips from grey cardstock. Fold the panel in half and glue to the top of the house. Snip into the strips at roughly 2cm intervals and glue to the roof.

3. Using the template, cut out and assemble the chimney stack from white cardstock. Glue to the side of the house, cutting a 2cm section from the roof overhang to allow the chimney to sit fl ush with the wall. Add a grey cardstock roof.

4. Die cut the windows and doors, backing with dark grey cardstock before gluing to the house. Glue white flourishes to kraft cardstock to make fascias, hand-cutting a border following the line of the scroll. Roll grey cardstock into two tubes and glue inside the top of the chimney.

5. Cut a 14.5cm diameter circle of green cardstock. Trim a 3cm wide strip of cardstock, and score along its length 1.5cm from the edge. Snip up to the scored line at 1cm intervals, then fold over the tabs and glue around the edge of the circle to form a raised platform.

6. Make a second platform, 12cm in diameter and 2.5cm high. Stick the two platforms together and stick the house on top. Make steps using a 5cm wide section of white cardstock, scoring at 0.5cm intervals for the folds. Glue in front of the door.

7. Die cut trees from grey and kraft cardstock, cutting the kraft one into smaller sections. Adhere to the smaller platform behind the house, adding leaves and acorns. Stick branches to green circles to make shrubs, decorating with die-cut flowers. Finish with sections of grass, toadstools and some cute little animals.

Project and how-to instructions by Sharon Dobson. Project originally published in the  February issue (79) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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