Cute Robin Card

Posted by joaustin22, 29 Nov, 2011

Use the Xcut Paisley Nesting Dies to make this fun Christmas Card

  1. Cut out hills from a strip of green card. Ink the edges and attach to the card. Mount your birdies onto the card.

  2. Add glitter to the brim of the hat and leave to dry.

  3. Use the paisley dies to create the bodies of the robins. Choose smaller dies for the baby birds and a larger one for the mummy. Ink the edges using the chalk ink.

  4. Use the same size dies to cut red and white cardstock for the hat. Trim the point off the red die cut to create a hat, and layer onto the white cardstock. Trim to leave the ‘fur’ around the bottom of the hat. Save remainder of the die cut to create the tummy. Glue the hat to the birds head. Draw an eye on the bird with black pen and dot with white gel pen.

  5. To make the tummy, layer red and white cardstock together. Glue in place and trim the edge to fit the birds body. Cut a small triangle to create the beaks and attach to birds.

  6. Use a needle and cotton to add the bell to the end point of the hat so that it dangles freely.

  7. Fold a 12 inch piece of cardstock in half and trim to 8 inches across. Layer green cardstock and papers onto the card blank, leaving a small border around.

  8. Create presents from offcuts of card and paper, and attach a small bow to the top of each.

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