Crafty Storage Solution

Posted by Kerenjb, 12 May, 2014

As seen in docrafts TV Episode 225.

  1. Slot the ribbon pieces and bobbins plus the craft tapes. Add ribbon & any other decorations.

  2. Die cut some bobbins & large square patches from white cardstock. Die cut 2 bobbins for each ribbon/twine wraps. Adhere the bobbins together. Push the twine through the hole in the top of the bobbins and make a loop. Adhere the bottom of the loop & wrap around the twine until the bobbin is full. Secure the twine with craft tape.

  3. For the Ribbon Box:

    Cover a soap powder box with patterned paper, craft tape and ribbon. Stamp out & punch out ‘ribbon’ with black ink on cardstock. Cut down card to fit into the box. Punch a semi-circle in the top and bottom of each piece of card. Wind ribbon around each end & secure with the mini pegs.

  4. Source a mug tree & use craft tape to wrap around different parts of your tree to make look more attractive.

  5. Punch a hole in the square patch. Wrap the ribbon around the patches and secure with craft tape. To attach to the mug tree, open the chalkboard pegs, slot the loops from the bobbins onto the pegs and slot the pegs onto the mug tree.

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