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Posted by CharlieLouisa86, 17 Nov, 2017

There’s something wonderful in showing someone just how much they mean to you with a lovingly-put-together care package. Use a 12 x 12'' shadow box as your base to send your favourite products to your best crafting buddies, all around the world.

1. Use the internal compartments that come with the shadow box to create fun containers for heavier items, such as fabric paint or embossing powder. To create the red bird box, cut two pieces of cardstock to measure 6.5 x 6cm and another two to 5 x 6cm, and attach to the compartment with a sparing amount of tacky glue. Cut a length of jute long enough to wrap around four times and tie in a knot at the front. Die cut a white bird and adhere to a wood-effect circle sticker with 3D foam. Stick to the box to cover the knot.

2. Create a mini chest of drawers with two stacked matchboxes and a sheet of vellum. Wrap plain white cardstock around each matchbox, securing with tacky glue. Trim patterned vellum to 9.5 x 30cm and wrap around the matchboxes. Cut a second piece of plain vellum the same size and stamp a message with the script alphabet stamps. Sprinkle over tinsel gold embossing powder and set with a heat tool. Wrap around the matchboxes to secure.

3. Dress up kraft pillow boxes with co-ordinating paper and add a special message with Bare Basics wooden letters. Use craft tape to mark halfway up each letter and cover half with white pigment ink. Sprinkle over embossing powder and set with a heat tool. Attach to the middle of the pillow box.

4. Create little tube containers, trimming cardstock to 10 x 10cm. Place a strip of double-sided tape to one edge, and stick to the opposite edge to make a tube. Seal one end with tape, and fill the parcel with small crafty items, like wooden hearts or mini pegs. Adhere another strip of tape at the open end and secure, closing in the opposite direction.

5. Use the Papermania Capsule Elements Wood A4 Ultimate Die-cut & Paper Pack to make the most of your care package. The die-cut sheets come complete with the pieces to create mini bags or boxes – these are ideal to

fill with your special treats! Decorate with die-cut sentiments and small stickers, or create your own stamped messages. Create and decorate an envelope from kraft card to house a handmade notelet for the lucky recipient. Wrap jute around various packages and decorate with dinky die-cuts, wooden flowers and mini wooden pegs. Fill away, and continue to decorate until your heart’s content!

Project and how-to instructions by Charlotte Pollard. Project originally published in issue 82 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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