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Hev29 Posted by Hev29, 04 Sep, 2015

Get organised and add a bit of craftiness to your craft room with this super planner make. Steps: To Make the Planner: 1. Take a (slightly larger than A4) piece of corrugated cardboard and cover with paper. 2. I have chosen to wrap torn craft tape around the edges but you could wrap the paper around the edges for a more ‘finished’ look. 3. Decorate with your choice of embellishments adhesive gems, flowers, paper clips or bows. I have altered the look of my resin flowers by dabbing acrylic paint and glitter glue over them. 4. Take a strip of Bare Basics bunting and cover each triangle with a different paper. Ink the edges with brown ink and attach to the planner, adding adhesive gems on the ends. 5. Attach another resin flower to the centre of the planner. Sew a metal charm in the centre of a bow and glue under the flower. 6. Trim two small pieces of craft tape and cover two small Bare Basic pegs and secure to the planner. 7. Add a short length of ribbon to hang the finished planner. For the Planner Pages: 1. Trim sheets of white card to fit the planner. 2. Again, I have added craft tape to finish each sheets and add colour. 3. Divide each page into 7. I have chosen a mixture of stamps and Artiste pens as dividers but you could use small adhesive gems or craft tape/paper. 4. Add the days and dates using a variety of stamps and methods as shown. 5. Peg up each sheet and plan away! *TOP TIP* Add small buttons to the rear of the bunting as the extra weight helps the bunting hang.

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