Cover Gift giveaway - The Winners!

Posted by Clur, 22 Oct, 2019

I listed the entrants for each item in the order in which they commented then used to pick the number of the winners. Congratulations to them all: 1. Swan Lake. anniesgrannie (Gill) * 2. Time for Tea. marilynh (Marilyn) 3. Spring Scenes. Berniebear (Bernadette) * 4. Picture of Elegance. Sarabee (Sara) 5. All Seasons Wreath. elisabunny (Sonia) 6. Songbird Blossoms. anniesgrannie (Gill) 7. Fairy Wishes. NicolaWitcome (Nicola) 8. Teacup Garden. mattsmum (Jacqui) * 9. Life is Sweet. Millie1956 (Millie) 10. Beautiful Day. 123sheilaswheels (Sheila) 11. Coffee Break. SheilaTraynor (Sheila) * I have some people's addresses. The people marked with an asterisk above are the ones I don't have. Please can you msg me your details. Sonia and Sheila L - I have yours unless you have moved recently! Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest. I'm sorry you couldn't all win! Clare x

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