Cot Quilts

Posted by KATHERINET, 16 Aug, 2019

My hairdresser and eyebrow lady were both expecting babies on the same day! These panels are by Shelley Comiskey and are called Fluffy Bunny and came on the same piece and I thought they would be great as they were gender neutral as the ladies concerned were not being tempted into finding out the gender of their babies beforehand. Anyway, I found out just before I had finished them that what I thought was a teal green is actually classed as blue as the company that produce these panels do exactly the same ones also in pink! I was then praying that come 4th August when they were both due that little baby boys would come along. On the 7th a beautiful baby girl was born and on the 12th another adorable baby girl was born. Lol! It's the thought that counts....................... The fabric is a lovely soft flannel to which I added more flannel borders and quilted round the obvious bits. I gave the bunnies faces: just hope they don't scare the babies!!! The quilt is backed with lovely white fleece. All soft and cuddly!

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