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Posted by jobo, 08 Aug, 2017

Make sure you never forget an important event again, thanks to this trendy and oh-so-thrifty idea. Every time you have a little tipple, keep hold of the corks and transform them into something both handy and super-cool. (If you’re too impatient to wait that long, why not ask for cork donations? We’re sure nobody will complain at the prospect!). Craft custom push pins to keep photos and reminders in place; it’s the ultimate efficient craft project.

1. Remove the acetate top from a Papermania Bare Basics 12 x 12" Shadow Box – you won’t need this, so save for another project! Paint both the outside and inside of the box and lid with Artiste Acrylic Paint in Dusty Rose. You may need a few coats for even coverage. Leave to dry for a while.

2. For a 12 x 12" shadow box, we used 196 wine bottle corks (don’t worry, these can also be sourced on the internet for very little!). Shadow boxes also come in 6 x 6", 8 x 8" and landscape, if you wanted to mix up the shape or size of your own memo board. If you’re keen to add a little extra colour, paint the ends of a few of the corks; we used Pomegranate, Sage and Antique Gold Artiste Acrylic Paints. These colours matched our embellished thumb tacks, so co-ordinate your paints with your own embellishments.

3. With glue gun at the ready and spare glue sticks to hand, begin to stick the corks in place. Decide which end of your shadow box is the top and which is the bottom before you start gluing. Begin at one end of the box, gluing along the row before starting the next one. When you get towards the centre of the box, glue from the other end down to the middle. It’s best to stick the ends stained with wine into the base, so you have the nice, clean ends facing upwards. A lot of the corks have lovely markings branded on them, so it’s a good idea to keep these in the same orientation.

4. Some corks are also a little fatter than others, so keep this in mind when filling rows to keep things even! In the same way, some are shorter than others too, so mix them up as you glue them in. Remember to add in the painted corks at different intervals, making sure they’re evenly dispersed around the box.

5. When you’ve filled your shadow box and all the corks are secure, fix the shadow box lid back in place with more hot glue. Embellish some thumb tacks to use on your memo board, following the steps below. Match sheets of cardstock to the paints you previously used.

How to make the push pins

1. Paint four Bare Basics wooden buttons with acrylic paint. Coat with a layer of Artiste Gloss Varnish and attach to pins with a glue gun.

2. Die cut four birds. Stamp with a watermark ink pad, cover with clear embossing powder and set with a heat tool. Repeat to double emboss and stick to the pins.

3. Punch flowers with mixed petal palm punches and glue together. Curl up the petals and add a copper dome sticker to the centre. Fix to a push pin.

Projects and how-to instructions by Jo Boland. Project originally published in issue (80) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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