Cocktail Glass Celebration Card Tutorial

Posted by Kerenjb, 02 Nov, 2015

This handmade Cocktail Glass Card is perfect for an engagement, graduation, or birthday. Follow these simple steps to make your very own! This card and tutorial was originally published in issue 62 of docrafts Creativity Magazine.

1. Trim an 8 x 8" card blank to 12.5 x 18cm and mat with gold star paper. Cut an 11 x 15cm panel of white cardstock and follow the steps below to make the top of the 3D glass.

2. Cut a strip of acetate as the stem, pushing into the bottom of the glass and adhering at the base with a glue dot. Hand cut an acetate oval and attach with a glue dot at the end of the stem as the base.

3. Cut a 14 x 2cm strip of pink cardstock, cutting a 'V' in each end. Trim 'celebrate' alphabet stickers to remove the border then adhere to the pennant. Make a 1cm pleat, 2.5cm in from each end to create a 3D banner and adhere to the panel, covering the base of the stem.

4. Wrap a strip of patterned paper around a pink straw, cutting a ‘V’ in the end. Tuck the straw inside the glass, securing with a glue dot.

5. Cut out tiny stars from the papers and add around the cardstock panel. Embellish the stem, base and edge of the pennant with gold adhesive dome borders. Mat the panel on gold mirror board and then the card blank to finish.

How to make a 3D Glass

1. Create a triangular cardstock template, each side 9cm. Add 1cm tabs to two sides and trim the corners. Use to cut an acetate shape. Score and fold the tabs.

2. Cut spotted paper to fit the triangle and ink with berry red ink. Add tiny dots of Anita's 3D gloss to the acetate over the spots to simulate bubbles.

3. Place the acetate on the cardstock panel and mark both sides. Cut the cardstock along the lines. Push the acetate tabs into the slits and glue on the reverse.

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