Clay craft/sculpt

Posted by Craftingkirst, 07 May, 2013

1. Take a large ball of clay around 5cm long by 3cm wides. Break of around a quarter of this and roll into a ball. This will be the head, then use a clay tool with a small spoon on the end and push two small oval shapes into it half way down to create the eyes, then take a tiny ball of clay for the nose, put under the eyes smoith out the top and sides and put to holes for the nostrils underneath, the mouth is formed by pushing a small line into the clay and keep smoothing until you have the desired look. 2. Take another half of the remaining clay and roll into an egg shape pinch the top into a point until you get a peAr shape, and put the head ontop, smooth the teo pieces of clay that have contact together. 3. Then use the rest of the remaining clay and create for sausage shapes make two slightly longer for the legs. Place the arms on and smooth the tops to the body squash the botton of the sausage to create a flat disc shape, do this on both sides and for the feet, then use an exacto knife or a sharp point of some sort to push against the discs of clay in four places to create the fingers and toes, 4. As this is sculpey bake in the oven at 100• for around half an hour, Top tip/ place a tooth pick into the body and pit the head on top to ensure it wont snap off, better if its your first time making as it helps keep it together after cooking font handle for at leadt 10 mins after the heat has been switched if as its brittle and risks the chance of crumbling.

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