Celebration mini cakes

Posted by jillpryor, 27 Jan, 2015

Adding toppers to your mini cakes will make them the star attraction, giving them both added height and drama. I used pastillage icing for my toppers which is harder and more resilient than sugarpaste. To make, put one egg white into a bowl and gradually add in 3OOg of sifted icing sugar until the mixture forms a firm ball of paste. Add in 2tbsp of Tylo Powder and knead well. How to… make the mini cakes Bake a cake in a square tin and cut out the mini cakes using a 6cm circle cutter. Split and fill the cakes as required, ensuring that each one is 4cm high and level on top. TIP Place your cakes on a turntable and spin them at eye level to check.

How to… make the stars and star toppers 1. Roll out your pastillage to approximately 3-4mm deep on a non-stick icing sheet and level out using a flat smoother.

2. Cut out stars in small batches using a Little Venice Cake Company double-sided icing cutter and neaten the edges with a blade tool.

3. Make a hole in the centre and base of the points of a star with a #4 large writer piping nozzle and create a pattern with the pointed end of a #22 open star piping nozzle. Make a hole through each point of the star with a flower leaf shaper tool. Leave to dry completely. Repeat for all the stars.

4. To make a topper star, make a star as before, but before it dries out, dip the end of a 7-9cm length of food safe wire into sugar glue, then insert into the base of the star. Leave to dry then add a silver and a crystal bead on the wire, adhering with non-toxic glue.

How to… ice the top 5. Roll out pale turquoise sugarpaste to approximately 4-5mm thick, level and roll firmly with a stars impression pin to achieve an embossed effect. TIP Apply a little icing sugar to the pin to prevent it from sticking.

6. Cut out a circle using the 6cm circle cutter. Add a skim of buttercream to the top of the mini cake and transfer the circle to the top using a palette knife.

7. Push a straw into the middle of the mini cake and trim level with the top of the icing. Emboss dark turquoise paste as before, cut a smaller circle using the round end of a #124 ribbon piping nozzle and place over the straw hole, adhering with a little cool boiled water. Make a hole through the centre and into the straw.

How to… ice the sides 8. To create the ruffle around the cake sides, roll out dark turquoise sugarpaste to approximately 4-5mm and level with the smoother. Roll with the star impressions pin and cut out a 22 x 4.5cm rectangle.

9. Firmly press the side of the flower leaf shaper tool into the paste at regular intervals along the rectangle. Trim the ends and level the sides.

10. Apply a skim of buttercream around the side of the mini cake and a little cool boiled water around the edges of the sugarpaste top. Wrap the icing around the cake, trim with scissors and seal with cool boiled water. Neaten with the flower leaf shaper tool.

To finish… 11. Add a little pearl white lustre dust with a dry brush to the stars and ruffles. Wrap thin silver satin ribbon twice around the mini cakes, secure with a knot and stick a star over the ribbon knot.

12. Insert two wired stars into the straw in the centre of the mini cake. Remember to remove the wired stars, mini sugarpaste disc, straw and ribbon before eating! The cakes should remain moist for a few days but store in an airtight container to keep them fresh.

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