Carol Singers

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 23 Nov, 2011

Make you own host of festive Carol Singers using the Craft Planet range!

  1. Paint the face and the rest of the tube and leave to dry. Don’t forget to draw and oval mouth as if it’s singing and some rosy red cheeks.

  2. Add some goggle eyes.

  3. To make the hat, cut a piece of felt in half measure it around the tube to see if it fits. Top tip you may need to trim the felt to size, once it fits, glue it in place. When it’s dry, take another thinner strip of felt in a different colour for the trim of the hat and glue it around the edge. To gather the centre of the felt hat, tie a thin piece of felt around the top of the tube, this will gather the felt together. You can now cut the top of the felt hat into strips.

  4. Draw and cut out of felt some glove shapes and another long strip for the scarf.

  5. And now you have a cute cardboard Christmas carol singer! Why not make some more and have a whole choir!

  6. Start off by drawing an oval face on a cardboard tube; this will be the face of your carol singer.

  7. For the music sheet you can either design your own or print some music sheet paper, and then cut it into a rectangle and fold in half. This can be stuck onto the singers gloves.

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