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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 21 Mar, 2017

Instead of hoarding those images on your digital camera, collate your treasured memories into this funky camera scrapbook. All you need is a simple chipboard album and a selection of product for decoration.

1. Cut a view finder in the top right-hand corner of a landscape chipboard page with a sharp craft knife. Repeat for a second window, approximately 1cm along. Trim a wood-effect sheet to 7.5 x 19cm and stick across the centre, tucking the ends around the back.

2. Trim two 4 x 19cm strips of silver metal sheet and emboss with a herringbone pattern. Wrap the strips around the top and bottom, cutting the corners diagonally and folding inwards for a neat finish. Turn the panel over and carefully make a cross cut in each window. Fold the edges inwards, towards the underside.

3. Snip two thin strips of adhesive metal effect sheet and cover the joins between the metal and the wood. Turn the panel over again and measure and trim a brown cardstock panel to fit behind. Cut two apertures to fit over the view finders and back with acetate. Fix in place with Anita's Tacky Glue.

4. Die cut two medium-sized black circles from black cardstock and funky foam. Stick together and glue in the middle of the cover. Trim a 3 x 19.5cm strip of yellow cardstock and adhere around the funky foam, creating a three dimensional lens. Cut a thin strip of embossed metal sheet and fix around the lens. Attach a gem inside. Cut a circle of black cardstock slightly larger than the first and die cut a circular aperture in the centre. Stick a piece of acetate behind and adhere in place on top of the lens. Pop two more star gems on to finish.

5. To make the flap aperture on the back of the album, measure and mark a 6 x 8cm rectangle 4.5cm in, 3.5cm down and 2.5cm up in the centre of a chipboard page. Carefully cut along the lines with a sharp craft knife and a metal ruler, putting pressure on the lines until it pops out. Trim a sliver off the top and side of the rectangle to ensure that the door fits neatly inside the aperture when covered. Carefully cut out the view finder, the same size and shapes as on the front, this time measuring from the left-hand side. Decorate the back cover with the wood-effect and metal sheets, as before. Make a cross cut in the aperture and stick the flaps to the underside. Trim a brown back panel, once again trimming apertures and backing with acetate.

6. Cut panels of acetate and cardstock to just bigger than the back flap and sew together to make a pocket. Leave the top open and punch a semicircle at the top. Fix behind the aperture, with the acetate facing the opening. Slip a photo inside. Cover the front of the flap with a wood-effect sheet and attach brown cardstock to the back. Pop the flap into the aperture and glue two small black cardstock hinges to the right-hand edge. Fix a coil of jute to two buttons, leaving one with a length attached. Adhere shimmer dome stickers and fix to either side of the opening. Die cut two hearts and stick to the end of the jute. Use to keep your aperture door closed when not in use! 

Project and how-to instructions by Jackie Jasper. Project originally published in the December issue (77) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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