Braid Appeal

Posted by ShaynaB, 26 Jun, 2014

Chain doesn’t have to look samey each time you use it – separating the links gives us new components to play with and joining them together in a different way can make them so much more appealing. Here, I’ve used Cousin chain in a unique way to create this statement braided pearl drop necklace set and trendy plaited leather cord and chain link bracelet. Braided pearl drop necklace 1 Using two pairs of pliers to separate the links, create two 25cm lengths of large copper chain. 2 Cut a 91cm length of grey leather cord. Place the two large copper chains side by side and thread half the length of the grey cord through the first links of each chain leaving an even cord length either side. Tie a knot to secure the two chains together. Crisscross weave the two ends through each link on both chains. At the end, tie a knot in the cord to hold the last links together. Add a dab of superglue to the knots and trim off the excess cord. 3 Using pliers to separate the links, create two 16cm lengths of silver curb chain. Cut a 16cm length of diamante chain. Place the two silver chains side by side and lay the diamante chain on top along the ‘join'. 4 Cut a 63cm length of black cotton cord. Wrap the black cord twice through the first link of each silver chain and over the first gap of the diamante chain to secure the diamante between the lengths of the silver chains. Trim the cord at the end and add a dab of superglue to secure the cord to the links. 5 Continue weaving the black cord tightly through the next silver chain link, over the diamante chain and through the opposite chain link on the other silver chain. When you reach the end, wrap the black cord around the end of the diamante chain a couple of times, trim and add a dab of superglue to secure. 6 Line this silver chain section up under the woven copper chains, starting from the 6th large copper chain link from the left. 7 Cut a 126cm length of red cotton cord. Fold the red cord evenly in half and thread the folded end through the first link on the left of the silver chain section and through the 6th copper link from the left. Tie a knot, add superglue to secure and trim off the excess. Weave the double length of red cord through the top of the silver chain section and the bottom of the copper chains. Alternate the threading by looping through each silver chain link and then once through a copper chain link, then another silver link and then twice through the next copper chain link until the end. This will ensure that the silver chain stays even under the copper chain. 8 Attach the last silver chain link to the 6th copper chain link from the right and tie a knot in the cord. Add superglue and trim. 9 Create 24 pearl drops by threading each pearl onto a head pin and turning a loop with pliers. Attach one drop to each of the links on the bottom of the silver chain section. 10 Cut four 1Ocm lengths of small copper chain (this length can be adjusted depending on the wearer). Using 6mm copper jump rings, attach one end of each small copper chain to the ends of each large copper chain to give two small chains either side. Join the two small copper chains together at the ends with another 6mm jump ring. Using two more 6mm copper jump rings, attach a toggle end to each jump ring for the fastening.

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