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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 22 Jun, 2016

The only thing better than a beautiful bunch of flowers is a gorgeous set of blooms that you can eat! Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to construct three different types of flowers out of icing, using the simplest of techniques. All of these flourishes look jaw-dropping combined on a cake together, or can look equally striking on their own.

Decorating the cake: Pipe some dual-tone grass and leaves to set the scene for your handcrafted flowers. To do this, cover your cake with pale green icing. In two separate bowls, colour two tablespoons of buttercream light green and two tablespoons of buttercream a darker or different shade of green. Use a small metal palette knife to smear on blobs of the buttercream in upwards strokes around the base of the cake, to look like grass.

Blossoms: 1. Roll out the fondant icing to 3mm thin and cut out various sized flowers. Use the thin end of a veining tool and roll it over the edges of each petal. This will thin the petal as well as give it texture and shape.

2. Use the thicker end of a veining tool to indent the centre of each blossom. Sit them on a wire rack and leave to dry overnight.

3. When dry, use them as they are or double them up. Do this by piping a little royal icing in the centre of a large blossom and sticking a smaller one on top. Finish off by piping a dot of icing in the centre of each.

Roses: 1. Roll eight balls (roughly the size of a brussel sprout) out of fondant icing. One ball will form the centre of the rose and the other seven will be petals.

2. Form one ball into a cone shape for the centre and flatten another into a round disc, squashing it between your thumbs and forefingers. Make one half of the disc thinner around the edge.

3. Wrap the petal around the cone to form the centre of the rose, ensuring the thinner edge is at the top. Continue making petals and adding them to the rose until you have used up all the balls.

Ranunculus: 1. Select a 3cm polystyrene ball and roll out a small amount of green icing, big enough to cover it. Brush the icing with a little water to stick and wrap it around the ball, gathering it at the base.

2. Roll out some pastel yellow icing and cut some circles, using a large piping nozzle. The circles are approximately 2.5cm in diameter. You will need to cut out five circles for the first layer of petals.

3. Put your petal circles on the modelling mat and, using a ball tool, roll around each petal in a circular motion to thin the edges. Do this with all five circles until each petal makes a cup shape.

4. Attach the first petal to your ball using a dab of water at the base. Fix the other four petals, overlapping each one over the petal before and leaving a small patch of green icing showing through in the centre of your flower.

5. When securing the fifth petal, tuck it under the first petal so it looks seamless. For the second layer of petals, cut six circles and thin and shape them on the modelling mat as before.

6. Attach them around your flower, setting them slightly lower down than the previous set of petals. Repeat for the third layer with six petals and for a fourth layer with seven petals.

Rose cupcakes : Make some simple rose cupcakes to accompany your elaborate floral cake. Colour some buttercream with pink gel food colouring until it’s your desired shade of pink. Cut the tip off a disposable piping bag, insert a large drop flower piping nozzle and fill with buttercream. Hold the bag directly over the centre of the cupcake at a 90˚ angle and, starting from the centre, pipe outwards in an anti-clockwise circular motion until you reach the outside edge. Finish neatly by pulling the piping bag away.

Project and how-to instructions by Lucy Bruns. Project originally published in issue 68 of docrafts Creativity magazine. We love seeing your makes and bakes. Share them with us on Facebook or hashtag your project on Twitter or Instagram with #docrafts.

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