Beautiful Sea-Shell Like Home Decoration Craft Made Using Plastic Ball!

Posted by StylEnrich, 22 Mar, 2018

Have a look at this plastic ball DIY Home Décor craft. It is made using children’s plastic play ball. This is one of the best creative ideas for you to make at home. You don’t need to have too many raw materials or ingredients to make this craft. All you need is a small plastic ball, silver foil, plaster of paris and little creativity. That’s where we are here to help! :)

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This home decoration craft is made by cutting a plastic ball in half. One half piece of the plastic ball is taken and joint at one end so that if forms a shape of a boat. We need to make it look like a seashell. So take a silver foil and fold it and stick it at one end of the plastic ball.

We need to coat the entire surface with Plaster of Paris (POP). So make a solution of plaster of paris (POP), glue and water in a plastic bowl and mix it well. Apply this solution on the surface of the craft using brush.

Let it dry.

Once the craft is dried completely rub the outer surface using sand paper. This is to make the outer surface smooth. It is time to paint it using acrylic colors. So choose the shades of the colors that you love. We have selected white and blue shades that resembles the theme of sea and water.

Once the painting is finished lets decorate this craft using beads and pearls. Stick those small pearls at the outer surface of the craft.

WOW! Your beautiful DIY Home Decoration craft made from Plastic Ball is now ready! You can display this craft in your drawing room or you can even gift it to your friends as well.

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Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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