Beach hut garland

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 03 Aug, 2017

Hang a little sunshine in your home with an abundance of adorable mini houses.

1. Die cut a hut from plain cardstock, using the Deco Design die. Trim the height to 9cm. Make a hole in the middle of both sides of the roof with an Xcut Screw Hole Punch; these will enable your beach huts to hang on a length of jute.

2. Assemble your beach hut together with Anita’s Tacky Glue and use plain paper to decorate each one. To create a traditional striped look, trim your coloured paper to 0.5cm strips and attach them around the outside, every 1cm or so.

3. Make a roof for your beach huts by cutting a piece of cardstock to 7.2 x 12cm. Punch out two garland holes in the middles, ensuring that they’re in the same places as your huts. Stick on the top. Trim two pieces of cardstock in the same colour to 2 x 12cm and fold in half in both directions. Cut 1cm into the middle of the piece. Glue one half to the roof and fold the other half, with the cut, over the front of the beach hut. Repeat with the second piece on the back.

4. Decorate the houses with die-cut doors, windows and little hearts and add texture to plain ones with the wooden boards background stamp. Spell out ‘Beach days’ across all of the huts with Papermania Bare Basics Adhesive Wooden Letters. Hang them together with a length of jute.

How to alter the beach hut shape...

1. Create a beach hut with a recessed front, by die cutting the hut and trimming to size. Cut a T shape in the front.

2. Carefully fold each side in half using an embossing pen and paper creaser to achieve a sharp fold.

3. Glue the nearest halves to the inside of the hut. Cut cardstock to 7 x 5.5cm and glue to the remaining flaps at the back.

Project and how-to instructions by Charlotte Pollard. Project originally published in issue (79) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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