Baby Jack Scrapbook Page

Posted by JennyPearce, 05 Apr, 2007

This project uses Anita’s acrylic paints, Stick It! Low Tack Masking Tape and the Whispers Embossing Pen.

  1. To create your own background paper such as my striped paper here, use low tack masking tape on 12” x 12” white card. With the tape horizontal and evenly spaced, stipple Periwinkle blue paint onto the remaining gaps on the card. Remove the tape and allow to dry.

  2. When thoroughly dry, repeat the same technique to create narrow dusty green stripes. When thoroughly dry create the grey stripes and then the metallic blue ones running through the middle of the periwinkle blue ones. Leave to dry.

  3. Using the Whispers embossing pen, draw onto the light blue stripes, one at a time, and emboss in holographic embossing powder. Shake off excess powder and heat until molten using the heat tool. Take care not to overheat, otherwise it will lose it’s sparkle! Finish embossing all the light blue stripes.

  4. Cut the striped card to 20.5cm x 20cm. Round the corners with the Xcut Punch and glue (stripes horizontally) to a 12” x 12” piece of light blue cardstock. Round the corners of the blue card.

  5. Cut a strip from the remaining patterned card to 3cm x 20cm, with the stripes horizontal to match the background panel. Mount onto spare light blue cardstock and leave an edge of about 4mm of blue showing along the long sides. Layer onto the background section with a double layer of Stick It! Foam squares.

  6. Attach two white and a blue silk flower from the embellishment set to the raised strip with adhesive dots. Position so they are evenly spaced. Add round handmade toppers to the centre of each flower head.

  7. Paint a piece of spare card all over with dusty green acrylic paint and allow to dry.

    Cut out your photo with an appropriate oval shape template using the Xcut Shape Cutter System. Mount onto the painted dusty green card and trim around with decorative edge scissors. By painting the card, this ensures a perfect colour match to the rest of the page!

  8. Cut a 15cm wide piece of plain white vellum, trimming the right edge with decorative edge scissors, and place to the left side of the page. Thread the blue buttons with alternating coloured thread. Knot, trim and fray the ends. Attach to the vellum with adhesive dots. Also place adhesive dots on the reverse of the vellum behind the buttons and behind where the photo will be positioned and stick the vellum ‘invisibly’ into place with the clever position of strategically placed adhesive dots!

  9. Attach the mounted photo to the page with foam squares. Brush Periwinkle Blue acrylic paint onto the foam flower stamp and stamp into position on your vellum section. Allow to dry thoroughly, before using the embossing pen and holographic embossing powder with heat tool to create an embossed holographic outline around the outside and inner edge of the flower. Take care not to overheat and dull the powder. Add Rub on letters to the flower for the date and small silver gem stones to decorate.

  10. For the title, stamp ‘BABY’ onto spare white card in coloured ink using the Quirky Alphabet foam stamps (you can use the Whispers Strokes Brush Markers to colour the design before stamping.) Cut out the letters and place face down on the reverse of the remaining striped patterned card. Ensuring the stripes are horizontal across the letters, draw around the letters and cut out. Using the template letters, draw around these onto the vellum with the fine nib end of a blue Whispers Strokes pen. Remove the card letters and replace with the striped letters. Attach these to the page with foam squares, positioned slightly off-set from the drawn outlines.

  11. Brush Periwinkle Blue acrylic paint onto script foam letter stamps and stamp the name of the baby across the bottom of the page. Allow to dry thoroughly and outline the name with the embossing pen. Shake over holographic embossing powder and emboss as before.

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