Air Balloon Layered Aperture Card Tutorial

Posted by BeckyJ, 09 Sep, 2015

Introducing apertures into your design opens up so many possibilities for creating the illusion of greater dimension and depth, and layering the apertures enables an eye-catching 3D scene to be created with a realistic feel of perspective as in this celebratory hot air balloon design. Tutorial originally published in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 60.

1. Cover the front of a 5 x 7" card blank with pink Bellissima spotted paper, blending chocolate dye ink around this and all paper elements of the project. Add a panel of aqua patterned paper inside the card.

2. Follow the instructions below to create the aperture layer. To create the floral frame on the outside of the card front, first glue a piece of Bellissima floral paper to cardstock to strengthen then die cut using the largest and next smaller rectangle parenthesis dies.

3. Remove two of the largest balloon layers from the Bellissima decoupage in the A4 ultimate die-cut and paper pack and attach to the top and bottom centre left of the floral frame. Add a few cloud details, cut from the decoupage, in gaps around the frame.

4. Attach the fl oral frame over the aperture in the card front using 3D foam tape and tucking some of the clouds behind and some in front of the frame. Trim a medium-sized balloon from a die-cut topper and attach towards the top right of the silver wicker frame.

5. Attach a small hot air balloon to the inside of the card so it appears to be floating even further into the distance through the aperture. Add a sentiment that can be seen through the gaps.

6. Cut and shape floral and spotted die-cut borders into pennants and layer either side of the frame towards the base of the aperture.

7. Embellish a lavender spotted Bellissima 3D bow with a Denim Blue resin flower and tuck a die-cut bird and a flower inside so they appear to be perched on the bow. Attach to the bottom right of the frame.

8. Add small die-cut sentiments to the left of the largest balloons. Fold the ends of the banner sentiment, shaping the ends to give lift to the greeting.

9. Shape the ends of a large 'With lots of love' banner in the same way and adhere to the bottom right of the frame, arranging the right tail of the banner over and then under the tails of the 3D bow.

10. Finish by embellishing with die-cut butterflies, shaped to give dimension to the wings, and surrounding the frame with light blue adhesive gems.

How to Multi-layer an Aperture

1. Cover the front of a 7 x 5" card blank with pink spotted Bellissima paper and die cut a nesting parenthesis aperture through the front.

2. Emboss silver mirror board in a wicker folder and lightly sand. Attach behind the aperture and die cut the next smallest parenthesis die in the silver board.

3. Die cut a frame using the same size die from step 1 and the next size up in Bellissima floral paper. Attach over the aperture using 3D foam tape.

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