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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 12 Jun, 2017

That little patter on your doormat as a postcard slips through the letterbox is a sound that never gets old. A small panel of cardstock with stories of adventures and exciting times away from home is a lovely thing to receive, and can be even more fun to make. Why not craft a unique design with interesting mixed media elements, as well as a few snaps from your holiday? The techniques used here can easily be transferred to other projects. It’s time to get messy!

1. Cut two pieces of white textured cardstock to measure 7.5 x 10.5cm. One will be the front of the postcard and the second is the back. Round the corners of both with a 2 In 1 corner punch. Mix a very small amount of Artiste Baby Blue Acrylic Paint with water, until the colour is similar to a watercolour wash. Repeat with sage green and linen paint.

2. Apply the paint to the postcards with medium brushes, again to resemble a watercolour wash. Start with the blue for the sky, along with a few linen strokes. Work downwards to the base with sage green, once again blending with a little linen. Set aside for a while to dry completely. Repeat on a separate piece of white cardstock and sprinkle some rock salt over the paint while it’s still very wet. This will make an impressive mottled effect when it dries.

3. Create a crackled texture by painting white cardstock with Artiste Antique Gold Acrylic Paint. Once dry, cover with Artiste Crackle Medium, followed by linen acrylic paint. Blast with a heat tool and watch the crackle appear!

4. Stamp geometric circles with antique gold paint onto the watercoloured paper. Brush a thin layer of paint onto a glass cutting mat and use this as you would an ink pad. Make sure to clean the stamp immediately afterwards with soapy water.

5. Create a textured effect on another sheet of white cardstock. Fold an A5 piece of acetate in half. Add a small pea-sized blob of acrylic paint to the centre of the acetate.

6. Press the acetate together with the paint between the layers. Push the paint across the surface with your thumb.

7. Carefully open the acetate out and insert a sheet of cardstock. Close the acetate and gently press down to make the print.

8. When each effect is dry, use the Xcut Circle Nesting Dies and circle palm punches to turn them into mixed media bubbles. Stamp birds and fern leaves onto some circles, using a black pigment ink pad. Cut two holiday photos into circles and arrange all of your pieces onto the postcard. Glue them down using Anita’s Tacky Glue. Adhere the word ‘Adventure’ at the bottom with Bare Basics adhesive wooden letters, along with a die-cut arrow. Finally, stick the two postcards back to back and add lines on the reverse for the address.

Project and how-to instructions by Mags Woodcock. Project originally published in the February issue (79) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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