A triangular heart made using the victorian valentine decoupage papers.

Posted by TD1, 09 Jan, 2015

The Victorian valentine decoupage sheets are thin for cutting, curling and folding. (PMA169104) You need 20 of these triangles making to create this heart. If you look on You Tube and search 'origami triangle' you will see animals including dragons made using this small triangle fold. I use them to make wreaths but this month I thought I'd make a heart instead. I cut my papers into rectangles 5cm x 7cm to make this heart. It will fit onto an A5 card or large square card. Here's a link to one of the triangle fold videos. Hope it works for you... http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=YouTube%20Origami%20triangle&qs=n&form=QBVR&pq=youtube%20origami%20triangle&sc=0-17&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&mid=0D447173DE8B653D6CA10D447173DE8B653D6CA1

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