3D lighthouse

Posted by SueJSmith, 22 Nov, 2017

Much like the sailors of the stormy seas need a lighthouse to guide the way, us crafters sometimes require a little inspiration to set our creativity on the right path. Look no further than this spectacular dimensional design, complete with flying seagulls!

1. Transfer the lighthouse top and base templates onto a white card blank and neatly cut out. Trim a rectangle of vellum to measure 12.5. x 4cm and glue to the inside of the lighthouse lattice. Repeat with the windows and doorway in the base. Cut all four templates from dark red cardstock and adhere both curved panels to the front of the lighthouse base.

2. Die cut an anchor from a gold metal-effect sheet and position in the middle with 3D foam squares. Use the alpha mini dies to trim ‘Just for you’ from black cardstock, and fix just below. Unwrap a pack of LED string lights and carefully fix them inside the lighthouse base. Build both white and red roof sections and insert black brads through both to hold them together and give weight. Join all of the pieces together using the tabs and slots.

3. Create a line of gold brads along the red balcony strip, bending down the bottom legs only. Slot the tab in place just left of the back of the lighthouse, and wiggle downwards so that the brad legs are resting on the top of the base.

4. Use two A5 card blanks as a gatefold card, and cut the side flaps to look like hills, with a tab at each end. Round the top corners and glue the backs together. Ink a cloudy sky, using a blue ink pad and the cloud template. When dry, cut to shape and fix onto the card blank at the sides.

5. Cut a panel of muted blue cardstock and stick below the sky piece, slightly overlapping it. Trim thin wavy strips from white and dark blue cardstock and plain vellum. Adhere on the blue panel so they’re slightly overlapping each other. Snip a small boat and stick to the card so that it’s sitting in one of the waves.

6. Cover the sides with green cardstock and trim hills for extra dimension. Craft some white cliffs on the inside flaps, from various grey cardstocks. Gently curve the flaps into shape and cut a slot for each tab. The left hill bends into the centre of the card back, and the right-hand hill can be inserted into the front of the other. Trim six seagulls and three 20cm strips of acetate. Glue the gulls together with one end of acetate in between. Curl and slot into the tops of the sky to finish.

Project and how-to instructions by Sue Smith. Project originally published in issue 83 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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