12 months memory frame

Posted by jobo, 29 Nov, 2017

A picture can say a thousand words... so how many can 12 say!? Make use of an old frame to depict special memories spanning over 12 months. It’s a super- sweet way to show someone how much you value them, and also works as a lovely keepsake for you!

1. Strip your frame, removing the glass and back board, as well as the parts holding the back board in place; a pair of pliers come in handy for this! If your frame is varnished, sand it down before applying any paint. This helps the paint to adhere smoothly to the wood.

2. Coat a thick layer (or two) of Artiste Acrylic Paint in Light Grey or Dark Grey and leave to dry. Add a coat of Artiste Crackle Medium and put aside to dry again. Cover with another layer, this time in Storm Cloud, and leave the frame to dry partially. Use a heat tool to speed up the drying process and watch crackles appear in the top layer of the paint. Once fully dry, apply a protective varnish; Artiste Matt Varnish is perfect for this!

3. Make a title banner using the Papermania Capsule Elements Wood Alphabet Flags. Select the letters to spell out ’12 months of us’, or any other sentiment you wish. The Forever Friends Opulent collection also has sweet little alphabet flags in pink, green and blue if you fancy a more colourful project. Punch little holes in the top of each with a screw hole punch. The length of the jute you thread through will dictate the size of the hole – the Papermania Natural Jute Set has three styles.

4. To hold the photos in place, customise some little Capsule Elements Wood pegs. These come pre-painted white, so can be used as they are. We decided to add some Bare Basics hearts and Capsule Elements Wood flowers for added decoration. Paint them in complementary colours before adhering to the mini pegs.

5. Fix three lengths of Papermania Bare Basics Jute Wire to the back of the frame using a staple gun. If you don’t have any of the wire to hand, you could always use additional jute that you had left over from earlier. String the banner across the top, add the pegs to the wires and fill with photos!

Project and how-to instructions by Jo Boland. Project originally published in issue 80 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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