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I have been crafting for years but got into card making in about 2005 and, as you all know, thats it.I have now retired and I spend most of my time in Spain with my partner which leaves me plenty of time for crafting.  Nearly all the cards I make go to charities.  I dont feel as guilty then, spending so much time with my scissors!!!!Enjoying parchment now aswell.  I also send them to people trying to raise money for good causes. Found an animal charity in Spain who now takes alot of my cards to raise money to be able to keep rescuing stray dogs. Also a Stoma support charity aswell.My Avitar picture is my grand son Lucas who passed away October 2010 aged 14 months. He was a gorgeous, happy little boy. Born 2 months premature, he was a fighter from the start only to lose his life to lung failure. Crafting does help get you through the bad times.I have now done a blog. Getting to grips with it was abit daunting but I ha