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hello......well about me...there coould be a story evolving on that easy going a like a bit of fun...time permitting...i love my job..most of the time and love my family to bits... the young gorgeous girl in my profile is my daughter rebecca and i am a nan to 7 granchildren the eldest is 22 this i do feel!!! love to craft and will at every oppurtunity..especialy atcs and was a very happy bunnie to win the DC atc section and became atc  section winner 2007..which im rather proud of my title....and i need to watch it now as there are some fabulous crafters out there many  of whom i am very priviledged to now call friends..i love the site and have been here nearrly 6 years ....and love it......i also have my own blog too crafting has opened a whole new world of friends and inspiration