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my name is gina, my user name is mrs tsv, it was given to me by my husband, as for obvious reasons...I am house bound, more so bed ridden....but i still enjoy life. im always up for a laugh, a challenge, and i love looking after people. my other half and i have been married for 29yrs, i have 4 grown up children, 2 still lives at home. and i have 2 grandchildren, who i adore.....i do keep reminding my 2 ds when they do leave home, there bedrooms will make good craft rooms,  but they are just not taking the husband is my rock, my best friend,  and he spoils me rotten. ......i have made so many friends on scrapbooking, and i wouldnt swap them for the world. we all have our highs and lows,  but who ever needs support, we rally around and help each other cant buy that friendship.

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