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Freelance proofreader/copy-editor/indexer working from home.  Mum to Jasper - 14 year-old ginger cat who suffers from hyperthyroidism and is on permanent daily medication.  Real Mum to Sophie who's 21 and Nana to Hollie who's 3 years and 3 months - at January 2009.  They live in Skipton, about 6 miles from me and I'm glad it's no further away.
I've been making cards for about 4 years and as everyone comments when they see my craft room 'You've got more stock than most craft shops'!  It's true as I inherited quite a lot of stuff from a friend and I can't resist buying more stuff.  I'm determined that in 2009 I'm going to use up some of my stuff as well as buying more.  I also have a stack of about 50 cards because when I've made them, if I like them, I can't bear to part with them