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I'm a mum of 2, a girl aged 18 and a boy aged 22. Both my children have recently had children, so I am now the proud grandmother of 2 beautiful grandaughters.I've always had an interest in crafts though I didn’t start making cards till early 2000 and then it was by printing them on the pc, but then by 2005 I developed it into making cards by hand.I’ve had a break from making cards on a regular basis for a while as we have had big family difficulties, but hoping to get back in swing of it all now and hoping to make loads more friends.I don’t go out that much due to being in a wheelchair and living in an out of the way small village, i find getting out difficult unless i have the kids or someone else with me, I do what I can though, and I always try to not let a situation get me down.I have been doing a card making blog over the last year or so where I’ve made some cards to enter into challenges, so this has kept my hand in a little.

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