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i love making cards, had 2 liver transplants, have 40% of my lung working and hhave failing kidneys, doctors have told me my futhure is now bleak, but im going to prove them all wrong, im am going to fight this,, Until the age of 29,I was fit, well and healthy. At 29,i went on holiday to the seaside. There, iate some seafood and became unwell, yellow and developed a rash. i visited her GP, who thought i had eczema and prescribed me some cream. Two weeks later,I went back to see my GP because i had not improved in any way. I later saw a locum doctor, who told me i had liver failure.At hospital, I was also told that i had only months to live. Tests showed that i got hepatitis A and B. Hepatitis occurs when there is inflammation (swelling) of the liver, often caused by a virus. She was transferred to a specialist hospital and assessed for a liver transplant. Sue said she was given very little information about liver transplants at that time. i became increasingly i

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