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I am a Canadian who immigrated to the UK after marrying my British husband. I have a teenage daughter who is in college and her best mate who also lives with us. I also have a son who resides in Canada. I own my own business and operate our kitchen/bathroom showroom as the manager/designer. I have been crafting for about 10 yrs and making cards for about 6. It is my haven. I scrapbook regularly with a very dear group of friends whom I could not imagine being without! They are such a talented bunch - they are amazingly creative and I am blessed to have them. I am also the owner of 5 ( yes 5- don't ask!) little dogs whom I adore but whom drive me a bit nuts! They and my children are the subject of most of my scrapbooking projects. Despite my experience years I still consider myself a novice and have LOTS to learn :)

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