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Thought it was about time, i upgraded my profile! I love, love,love, LOURVE, crafting! it keeps me sane!! well, ok ish!! lol, i`ve recently started getting into altering! great fun! lol. i am a stay at home mum, not through choice, i was made redundant last year, that came as a shock, i can tell you! this is the first time in my life, i`ve been out of work! i`m still looking, but as i`ve gotten older, i`m not as fit as i used to be! so, i need a job, where i`m sitting down! hard job to come by! i can tell you!I have 2 children, my 14 year old son, who still lives with us! Hes now a dreaded teenager! and as long as i feed him, i get an occasional grunt out of him! so, i know hes still alive! and i have a 30y/o daughter, whos given me 3 grandchildren! bless her cotton socks! but its SO nice to hand them back! lolAnd then there`s my long suffering hubby! bless! he puts up with me gallavanting all over the countryside, meeting with other crafters having fun crafting days! neve