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Hi I am 56 and am from the industrial city in Australia called Newcastle. I joined cardmaking after my girlfriend pestered me for years to take up the hobby. A year after I took it up she gave it up. Have found stamping buddies but usually do my own thing in my craft room. I belong to a bowling club (Im one of the youngest) and give all the ladies a home made birthday card. I also take requests and only charge them what it cost me or less. At Christmas, I usually make around 150 christmas cards so that they all get a Christmas Card. Each one is unique as I do not like making the same card over and over again. Mind you they are all waiting with baited breath for these cards, so I dare not slacken off and not give them any. I was born in Rhodes Greece inside the old city. My parents immigrated to Australia in the mid 60s. I have lived in all the cities in Australia (except for Hobart Tasmania). PS My beautiful profile picture is my darling LULU whom I rescued from the pound.

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