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I am 71, and I am disabled having M.E./Fibromyagia for thirty one years.Since joining Docrafts, I have made a lot of lovely friends, some who I have met in person .I have 5 children now all grown up and flown the nest, I have 16 grandchildren and seven great grand children.I have a one eyed cat called Peanuts, quite a character, and a King charles spanial called Meggy, who is my constant companian, her picture is on my Avatar along with a picture of Gemma the cutest little Cairne terrior, who sadly died September 2006, and who I miss terribly. I now have Wet macular degeneration in both eyes, so crafting is difficult, but have been having Lucentis injection into my eyes, which is slowly improving my sight, so I am able to do a little crafting again.