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I have only just got into card making, Feb 2009, as one of my friends is an avid card crafter and she has given me the bug!  Really enjoying experimenting with different bits and bobs and different techniques and hoping that I will approve with each one that I make!
I am happily divorced and following that I have been in a long term relationship with my long suffering boyfriend James!  Luckily we are both 40 something going on 21!  It took me a long time to find him, but I finally met the man that I should have met all those years ago... 
I have three gorgeous puss cats.  Thomas is my black and white 22 year old (Yes 22!), then we have Sally who is a tortie and white and  almost 5 and is partially paralysed in her lower body (she's my little hop-a-long) and then finally there is Minnosh who is also 5 years old and a huge fluffy fur ball of a cat (apparently a Norweigian cross breed).  They are all adopted cats and I love them

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