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I've been married to my wonderful hubby Dave for 18 years, we have 3 cats, Smokey and her daughter Blue who are British blues, and Belle who is a very chubby Tortie and white.I have suffered with fibromyalgia since 1993ish and was diagnosed with M.E in 2000 (after suffering for years). I also have cervicular spondylitis and grade 4 chrondomalcia. I had a pretty bad relapse in 2005 and had to have a long time off of work. I discovered card making and found it really helped me to relax and take my mind off of things. I went back to work in 2006 but had a very tough time with my boss and eventually took the decision to leave. It was a very hard thing to do at 38, but I needed to. Since leaving my wonderful hubby has built me my very own craft room in the garden, as I used to use an upstairs bedroom and kept falling down the steps! lol. I now also love scrapping and have started to make jewelry again. It really is true about carfting being a therapy.I've made some wond