How to paint a rose

17 Jun, 2014

With a little paint you can give a new lease of life to most household items, this project uses a vintage floral design and provides a quick way of upcycling junk shop buys. From  old cigar boxes, as per below, to flowerpots or larger items like chairs and chests-of-drawers. Follow these simple steps to achieve beautiful results!

1. Paint all the circles in Dark Red paint using the large round brush. Allow the circles to dry.

2. Create an oval shape at the top of each circle using Mocha paint. The position of the oval in the circle determines which way the roses face.

3. Load the brush with Blush Pink and White paint and add the first petal under the brown oval, using the flattened tip of the brush and lifting off to a point.


4. Reload the brush and start with a flattened brush at the top of the rose, outside the red circle, and pull the brush to a point just above the first petal.

5. Paint the left base petal slightly shorter than the first petal, pulling from left to right and ending with the point just under the middle of the first petal.

6. Repeat for the large right base petal, pulling from right to left. Both base petal points should meet at the tip.


7. Change to the medium brush and using the same paint colours and technique as before, add a petal between the first and right base petals.

8. Add the last petal to the left of the rose between the top petal and the first petal.

9. Using the fine brush and Canary Yellow paint, make three strokes in the space left at the top of the rose, applying paint after each stroke.