Watermelon gelato card

Make yourself a juicy little notelet with vibrant pigment from Faber-Castell’s Gelatos. Blend, paint and scribble your way to pure, scrumptious perfection.

1. Draw around a circle from the Xcut Circle Nesting Dies, three times using the thinnest fine liner from the Faber-Castell 4 Pitt Artist Pens Black Wallet. 

2. Using two green gelatos, draw two lines in the bottom half of the circles. Blend the two colours together with a tad of water. With a peach, light pink and bright pink gelato fill the inside, lightest at the bottom working your way up to bright pink. Once dry, work back into the watermelon by gently going over certain areas, adding harsher patches of colour and texture.

3. When happy, mark the halfway point of the circle and cut in half. Draw black seeds inside using the black pitt artist pen.

4. Die cut the same circle you drew around into a Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Green Funky Foam Sheet, twice. Cut the circles in half and mount the watermelons on top. Using the Xcut Scallop Circle Large Palm Punch, punch a bite mark into one of the watermelons and then an even bigger bite mark into another, one should be left as it is.

5. Pop each watermelon onto a portrait 5 x 7'' white card blank in a horizontal line. Add black seeds, coming off of the bit marks with the seeds from the watermelon in the Xcut Mini Fruits Mini Die.

Project and how-to instructions by Amy Nichols.

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