Watercolour painting with hand-drawn floras

Let your imagination run free with the fabulous Faber-Castell Creative Studio Watercolour Starter Set in a variety of colours. Draw your own decorative floras on top with the rich opaque colour of poster paint from the Uni Posca White Poster Paint Marker.

1. Select a few colours that work well together, we have chosen summery tones, pinks, turquoise, and blues. Mix each colour with water on your palette, and you’re ready to go. 

2. Lightly wet a piece of A3 watercolour paper, then using a large brush, stroke colour onto the paper, letting it merge and mingle. Once the paper has dried a little, drop some darker, deeper colours using a smaller brush. Don't worry too much about how the colours blend, let the paint move freely for a fun, abstract look.

3. Once dry, add floras on top of the painted surface using a Uni Posca White Poster Paint Marker. Use the darker areas of watercolour as the centre for your floras and work outwards, drawing natural petal shapes. Add linear details to the petals, and draw in some fun shapes as you go, such as circles, dots, diamonds, or whatever you like!

4. Add various leaf shapes to the floras in white and with the Uni Posca Gold Poster Paint Marker, extending them out onto the white space around the watercolour.

Project and how to instructions by Amelia Durie.

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