Unicorn wall art

Fancy something three-dimensional? This unicorn is perfect for adding a touch of magic to your home.

1. Create an armature for the head by drawing the unicorns head shape at a side profile, including its neck onto cardstock and cut out. 

2. Scrunch a selection of newspaper balls ranging in size from a large marble to a golf ball, secure by wrapping them with craft tape. Adhere the paper balls onto the armature by wrapping and moulding with craft tape. Add newspaper balls as necessary. Once the desired shape is achieved, cover with three layers of Craft Planet tissue paper and Craft Planet Clear PVA Glue.

3. Roll a piece of cardstock into a cone for the horn and attach it to the head with a Stick it! Hot Melt Glue Gun. Cover the entire sculpture with one final layer of tissue paper, then set aside to dry thoroughly.

4. Paint the unicorns head with Artiste Blanc Acrylic Paint and its horn with Artiste Metallic Antique Gold Acrylic Paint

5. Create two felt ears using Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Acrylic felt in white and pink and fix with the glue gun.

6. Cover the lid of Papermania Bare Basics 8 x 8'' Shadow Box with watercolour paper from the Santoro Gorjuss 12 x 12'' Paper Pack. Hot glue the unicorn to the box lid.

7. Using the Xcut Cut & Emboss Punches, punch the small flower, medium flower and maple leaf various times, then arrange around the unicorns horn and fix with Anita’s Tacky Glue.

Project and how-to instructions by Claire Boelema.

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