Teabag fold card

There’s no better moment than Mother’s Day to prove how much you care, and what better way than putting a little effort and a lot of heart into a special papercraft project? Time to try out tea bag folding! If you're keen to learn some new embellishing techniques, then this is a treat for you... Use an 8 x 8" card blank as your base and mat with different papers. Die cut a  oral sentiment and stick in the centre. Create the three different styles of teabag-folded flowers, and glue in a wreath.

Patterned paper flowers

1. Cut 32 2.5cm circles (eight per flower), using a nesting die or palm punch. Fold the circles in half and then into quarters. Unfold and crease from the bottom central crease to the left and right-hand sides.

2. Fold these two edges underneath and crease halfway between the outer edges and the central crease, using the image for reference. Fold the two outer edges in towards the centre folded line.

3. Cut a plain circle of red cardstock to the same size as your original patterned circles. Glue the eight parts of the  ower together onto the circle, lining up the edges of each segment.

Red and white blooms

1. For the red flowers, cut 32 3cm squares. For white, cut 32 white parenthesis shapes. Fold all of the squares horizontally and vertically. Fold again from side to side on the diagonal.

2. When the shapes are still folded in half diagonally, fold the previously-creased edges in from the side towards the middle line. The folded edges of each should meet in the middle.

3. Turn the folded shapes over to create petals. (Watercolour the white ones with red pens to make a soft ombreĢ effect). Slot and glue all the petals together to form a flower.

Layered squares flower

1. Cut 32 4cm squares of plain green paper. Fold each square horizontally and vertically. Open up and fold each square on the diagonal (right-sides-together) to create a triangle. Open flat again.

2. Flip over and fold two opposite corners inwards to make a small folded square. The two opposite squares with diagonal folds will be sandwiched in between the other two square corners.

3. Slot together at diagonal angles, sticking each square to the previous one with tacky glue. Keep gluing around the circle until the first square meets the last. See the brooch for the finished flower!

Folded flower brooch

Fix this pretty accessory in the centre of your card and whip it off to reveal a clasp on the reverse. Your mum can wear it with pride for the whole of her special day!

1. Repeat the techniques to make one of each flower. Use circles from Folk Floral paper for the largest; these should each be 4cm wide. Make the white flower the same size as before, and use 2cm squares for the green.

2. Layer the three different blooms onto a large green flower, cut with a nesting die. Add a shimmer dome sticker to the centre and attach a brooch fitting to the back.

3. Cut a flower from silver mirror board and punch two slots in the middle to attach the brooch to the card. Create a tag, using the ‘With love’ mini die.

4. Fix the brooch to the silver flower, poking the clasp through the two slots. Attach to the front of your card with 3D foam.

Project and how-to instructions by Jennie Nicell. Project orginally published in issue 79 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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