Stamped gift box

Use the Creativity Essentials Folk Floral A6 Clear Stamp Set to add life to a special gift box. Its triangle shape will catch eyes and is sure to stand out.

1. Take two pieces of white A4 cardstock. Place portrait and create a score line 4'' and 8'' from the top, and a notch at 2'' and 6'' from the top. Do this for both pieces.

2. Create a score line 4'' up from the bottom of your cardstock pieces to create the base of the gift box. Snip into the centre score line and trim off the excess flap at the bottom as you won’t need this. Make sure you leave the flap at the top and snip the ends to create diagonal edges.

3. If you ignore the bottom that forms the base, you should be left with two rectangles and a flap on the right-hand side of the cardstock. From each notch, create a score line to the left and right of the bottom of each rectangle to form triangles.

4. Using the Creativity Essentials Folk Floral A6 Clear Stamp Set and various coloured ink pads from the Papemania Mini Ink Pads, decorate each triangle as desired.

5. Once dry, apply double-sided tape onto the flaps and your base and fix together. Pinch all the four top corners of your box to form a triangle shape, then hole punch each edge and thread some ribbon through.

6. Cut a 6 x 6cm square of cardstock, stamp your chosen sentiment and attach to the front.

Project and how-to instructions by Samantha Clayton.

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