Spring bullet journal

The thought of having to start the annual spring clean may not sound most appealing to some of you however we’ve thought
 of a way to make it fun! Bullet journaling is 
a fantastic way for busy people with lots of thoughts bouncing around their brains to think methodically. The vibrant colours and fine brush tips of Faber-Castell’s Pitt Artist Brush Pens are perfect for creating a top notch calendar to keep you motivated and on top form. You could also take this idea and use it to plan for other events, such as the weekly food shop, a party or an unforgettable holiday. Start each illustration with lighter coloured pens, wait for the ink to dry and then use the fine tip to add lines, dots and darker tones. You can vary the thickness of line and how dark the colour is by using varied amounts of pressure.

1. Draw a grid in pencil ensuring each day of the month you are planning for has an assigned box, go over it in black pen.

2. Write each chore into the date you wish to complete it and then have fun decorating the empty boxes with colourful illustrations.

Project and how-to instructions by Rachel Sullivan.



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