Sea creature finger puppets

Delve down under with two easy-to-make finger puppets for the kids to have a go at.


1. Draw each template twice onto Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Acrylic Felt sheets using a black marker. Template 1 uses white felt, template 2 is royal blue and for template 3, the mouth uses red and the teeth white.

2. Place one part 2 onto a part 1 with Anita’s Tacky Glue, then flip the other two pieces and do the same. Fix the mouth and teeth on both pieces and then glue around the edge of the shark and pop together, leaving a gap at the bottom for your finger.

3. Pop an eye from the Craft Planet Wiggle Eyes above the mouth.


1. Transfer the starfish template onto Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Flesh Acrylic Felt twice, trim and fix together around the edges, leaving a gap for your finger.

2. Punch 35 small circles with the Xcut Screwhole Punch in Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Yellow Funky Foam Sheet and position them around the edge of the starfish using Xcut Precision Tweezers.

3. For the mouth, cut a smile out of red felt and glue In place, then add two Craft Planet Oval Wiggle Eyes.

Project and how-to instructions by Hannah Haughy.

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